We know Obamacare can be a lot to sort through. Accountable care organizations, health insurance exchanges, expanded Medicaid coverage, the medical device excise tax all of these pieces fit into the Obamacare puzzle, and it can be hard to sort out what the big picture is. It doesn't help that everyone has widely differing views on if Obamacare is good or bad, and political affiliations can further muddy the picture.

Well, today, I'm not really here to help with that. We've written about Obamacare a number of times before, and you're welcome to check out some of the previous posts on the subject. Our friends at sister company HealthLeaders InterStudy also know quite a bit about health care reform.

Instead, I'm going to leave you today with some more entertaining easier to digest Obamacare links that you don't want to miss whether you agree with their perspective or not. Let's face it it's freezing outside and we could use some lighthearted reading!

  • Here's a funny video and some commentary on if buying coffee were like Obamacare.
  • Here's an infographic on what it would be like in 2014 if Obamacare had never happened.
  • Here's a whole selection of funny cartoons, albeit from a fairly anti-Obamacare perspective. And to be fair, here's a selection of pro-Obamacare cartoons.

Happy reading, and stay warm!

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